About School/ The Radiant Story

Radiant School

About School/ The Radiant Story

Established in 2002, under the visionary leadership of Late Founder Shri Ajit Singh Jee, Radiant International School Patna stands as a beacon of educational excellence. Aligned with CBSE, Radiant has consistently ranked among the top schools in Patna. Our commitment echoes the motto "To Learn, To Serve, To Excel," and in 2023, we proudly embrace the tagline "The School That Cares!"

Radiant International School is dedicated to fostering indigenous and progressive education pedagogy. As a trailblazer in Patna, we prioritise 21st-century skills, shaping students into global citizens poised for success. Our unwavering focus on holistic development sets us apart, making Radiant the preferred choice for quality education in the heart of Patna.

Radiant International School Patna has gracefully navigated the last two decades, becoming a symbol of top-tier education that champions inclusivity, acceptance, and the cultivation of conscientious citizens. Renowned in the local landscape, Radiant goes beyond the conventional focus on academic scores, earning distinction for its commitment to preparing students for the multifaceted challenges of life. Our legacy is one that thrives on quality education, shaping individuals into well-rounded contributors to society.

Radiant stands at the forefront of the seamless implementation of NEP 2023 and unwaveringly commits to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As the inaugural institution under the esteemed Indirapuram Group of Institutions, a proud venture of the Tapindu Educational Society, Radiant International School leads the way in educational excellence.

The Indirapuram Group of Institutions boasts six distinguished schools across Patna, Delhi NCR, and Ayodhya, along with three esteemed colleges in Patna and Delhi NCR. Our dedication to providing quality education and contributing to global sustainability defines us in the educational landscape.