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A workshop organized by Radiant International School on 1st April, 2017



On 1st of April, 2017, a wonderfully enlightening counseling session on ‘Motivation’ was organized at Radiant International School, Patna. Ms. Reshmi Sen Sharma Basu was invited as the Resource Person to conduct the workshop. In a welcome departure from the conventional workshops, Ms. Sen Sharma Basu made the gathering feel comfortable by her very endearing presence. The objective of the workshop was to create a sense of motivation among the faculty. She started the workshop by making all the participants to meditate to self-introspect and to find out three of the traits that everyone wants to change in his/her life.

       The participants were made to realize how to come out of the difficult situations in life. The entire morning session was devoted on motivating people to come out of the stressful situations. Much emphasis was laid to take people to come out of low self-esteem. There was a break for tea and then five groups were formed. The participants of each group were given a topic. The participants were given individual questions to have innovative answers. Posters were made and three members were chosen to present the ideas depicted. This session proved to be highly informative and helpful. The counselor also made her own points.

 Finally, a feedback session was organized where each of the participants was encouraged to tell his/her own impression about the session. The whole event was quite refreshing as it was conducted informally.








A workshop organized by Radiant International School

On 31st March, 2017

This one-day workshop on Class-Management brought together the Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers who were addressed by a guest faculty of Psychology. It started with the introductory speech by the Principal of Radiant International School followed by the workshop conducted by Ms Reshmi Sen Sharma. Its objective was to highlight limitations of the present educational system, pedagogies, teaching environment and discuss ways to improve them and make them responsive in our challenging times to cater the needs of the children of modern generation.


The workshop gathered teachers’ inputs and suggestions on topics such as teaching methodology, observational skills, assessment skills, value-oriented education and the need to introduce a few modern changes which play a significant role in the all-round development of not only a teacher as an individual, but also the children of modern era as a whole.


The workshop also had a segment where the teachers got the exposure to Maslow’s Definition of a Self-Actualized Person followed by a presentation on the characteristics of self-actualized persons. It not only helped the teachers go through a self-introspection moment which turned out to be an eye-opening session for them, but also helped them figure out the levels where they actually stood.


A group-activity was also organized by the faculty in order to engage the teachers having divided them into five groups and having given them five unique questions to each group so that they could come up with innovative answers and present their ideas either in the form a role-play or a speech. Teachers found the workshop highly informative as well as helpful at the same time because it dealt with their genuine problems in their daily lives at school.

It concluded with a feedback round where every teacher, who attended the workshop, presented their own views of covering various other aspects that help one become a successful teacher. Suggestions from the teachers, based on their field experience, reached a broad consensus on various technicalities which partly helped the workshop become a grand success.











British Council Core Skills Training

 By: Dr. Rashmi

British Council India conducted the session on Reflections at Hotel Chanakya on 24.02.17/Friday. This was the last session of the Core Skills journey attended by 2nd batch of teachers from Radiant International School, Patna. The teachers who participated were Ms. Bindu  Kumari, Ms. Saroj Roy, Ms.Inderpreet  Kaur and Dr. Rashmi.The sister concern of Radiant International School, Indirapuram Public School (girls) also participated in the workshop. The participants registered themselves on the British Council site and took a survey as prior brainstorming. They also had to bring the completely filled reflection journal which had been sent to them.

The Reflections began at sharp 9.00 A.M. The resource persons were Ms. Debolina and Ms. Aarti Jha. It started with the introduction of each participant to all members as well as sharing their WOW moments while implementing the Core- Skills. Then it was the turn for individual reflections of lesson plans (anyone) in groups. There were suggestions from each group member on its improvisation.

Henceforth with mutual understanding one member from each group was asked to share his/her lesson plan (that includes Core-skills). The teachers coming up with reflection had their power point presentation as well as evidences of the activities in the form of pictures/photos/write-ups. To have hands on experience, preparation of one lesson plan from each group was exhibited for the better facilitation. The lesson plans also included the areas which invited reluctance of authority in acceptance. The lesson plan presented by the group was examined through various aspects by the other members as well as the resource person. This gave idea that while making a lesson plan for a particular curriculum what things have to be taken care. Refreshments were provided to the participants.

Finally at the end of the workshop the participants got certificates for all the three sessions that is Core-skills, Advanced Course and Core- skills reflection. This Core-skills workshop enriched the teachers with various skills and provided a lot of ideas for implementing the Core-skills in curriculum transaction.


Capacity building Programme on co-scholastic aspects of CBSE


Co-scholastic aspects are integral to the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. As CCE envisages the comprehensive and holistic development of a learner, co-scholastic aspects of a learner’s personality such as Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, participation and achievement in Co-curricular activities as well as Health and Physical Education, need to be considered alongside the scholastic aspects.  So, six of we teachers attended a one day training programme on the topic “Capacity building Programme on co-scholastic aspects of CBSE” held at G.D Goenka Public School, Patna on 20th August, 2016 to upgrade ourselves about how to assess the children in an effective manner.

The training programme started with the welcome speech of Mrs. Madhu Ravi, Principal, G.D Goenka Public School, Patna who welcomed the resource persons, namely, Dr. Manohar Lal, Principal, Guru Nanak Public School, Ranchi and Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur, Principal, Sarla Birla Public School, Ranchi with a bouquet of flowers. Then, the resource persons carried out healthy discussions and various activities to make out well aware of the proper ways of CCE assessment as prescribed by CBSE. They discussed in details about the Five Point Grading Scale, different areas of assessment, ten core life skills identified by WHO, etc. We even had a healthy discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of CCE system.

0Second half of the training session was mainly related with administrative works like Effective Record Keeping, Reducing paper work, some guidelines towards Grading Students, etc. Then, we were even briefed about the marking scheme prescribed by CBSE in the report cards. The programme finally concluded with certificate distribution to the participant teachers and clicking of a group photograph. Then, all the teachers dispersed from the venue carrying with them all the inputs which will help them to assess their students well in future.



British Council Core Skills Training

 (Introductory Session)

 by Ms Shalini Chaudhary

British Council India conducted the introductory session of Core Skills at Hotel Chanakya, Patna on 21.04.16/Thursday.Different schools of the state participated, from Radiant International School, Patna as School leader Ms. Sujata Bhadani along with some of the teachers participated in this workshop. The teachers who participated from Radiant International School were Mr. Pawan Kumar Jha, Mr. Satya Prakash,  Mr. Kumar Aditya, Ms. Rachna Prasad, Ms. Hena Siddiqui, Ms. Niva Singh, Ms. Almas Anwar and Ms. Shalini Choudhary.

The sister concern of Radiant International School, Patna Indirapuram Public School (Girls) participated with its Principal Ms. Arti Jha, Senior Incharge Ms. Kalpana Thakur and Ms N. Nanhi.The other participants were from different branches of Mount Litera Zee School and DAV Begusarai.Before attending the workshop the participants had to register themselves on British council site and take a survey. They also had to go through the pre-workshop material.

The workshop began at 9:30 AM by Welcome Speech given by Mr. Mrigangk Mukherjee. He introduced British Council India, its involvement with government of Bihar, about its presence in India. He then introduced the two trainers for the day. The first trainer was Ms. Charu Bajaj, the second trainer was Ms. Arti Jha(Principal of IPS girls).The ground rules for the day was laid by taking opinions of the participants.

The sessions began with an ice breaker to regroup the participants and make them sit according to their birth month. The purpose behind was to break the silence barrier among the participants and move them out of their comfort zone.

The first  session on deep learning began with an activity in which every participant was asked to make trees, the roots of the tree was then elaborated as thinking and then certain statements on deep learning were discussed then Bloom’s taxonomy was discussed with the iceberg clip.

Then, session on Problem Solving and Crtical Thinking was conducted which began with a video of classroom of a commonwealth nation was being shown. Based on video certain questions were discussed, then, the importance of questioning, types of question as open and closed end questions, surface and deep questions were discussed, about questioning skills and the question pitfalls were discussed. Next, a clip was shown and the session on critical thinking was conducted in which creativity was elaborated as an opportunity to make connections between ideas in unique and original way. Then a small tea break was taken.

Following tea break session on Communication and Collaboration was conducted. In which each group was given six cards and asked to weave story and present their story in group. After presentation of story, disadvantages of group activity were discussed. Then, PMI (plus, minus, interesting) part of the activity was discussed. Before lunch Mr, Mrigangk asked the participant to confirm a topic between problem solving and critical thinking and Student leadership and about the four stages of that training.

Post lunch participants were made to stand in a circle and imagine some beautiful lush green place and then each one was asked to say one problem they foresee. Again participants were regrouped and each group was given topic of global issues and how they will use their curriculum to address these issues. The issues were Economic, Environmental, geopolitical, and Societal. All the groups presented their view.

 This session was followed by the session of Digital Literacy in which two videos were shown; the first video was of a group of students of Zambia working on classification activity. The students were using tablet scrolling quickly to make their list. Based on video certain questions were discussed.The second video was shown where older students were using sophisticated piece of software (GeoGebra). They were using a piece of interactive software to draw shapes and calculate area. The dynamics of the class was discussed.

Then, it was concluded that digital must be transformational rather than transactional that is what affects the shift from using digital technology to being digitally literate. This was followed by a session on Student leadership and Personal Development. The traits of great leader were discussed. A video of Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action was displayed. He talks about ‘why’ factor that makes any product or person lead. It was involving and interesting workshop.


A work shop on Jolly Phonics was conducted at Radiant International School, Patna on 22nd and 23rdApril , 2016. All the pre primary and primary teachers of Radiant International School, Patliputra wing(RIS) and Indirapuram Public School (Girls) were participated in the workshop.

The workshop began at 9:30 AM by welcome speech given by Ms. Sujata Bhadani. She then  introduced the trainer for the day. The trainer was Ms. Anju Mehta .

The first session on deep learning began with an activity in which every participant was asked to make a chain of 21 teachers and was told to say few lines about their favorite English teacher.

Jolly Phonics workshop was very interesting and fruitful for children as well as teachers. It is a fun filled and child centered approach to teaching skill through phonics.

 It helps the children to identify sounds. It helps the students to enhance their vocabulary with correct pronunciation. This kind of workshop is also very helpful for teachers to inculcate listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW) skills in students. Jolly Phonics sensitizes students to speak words with correct  pronunciation.

The areas of development in children are :-

*Motor skill

*Language skill

*Analytical skill

*Cognitive development

*Creative development

*Physical development and activity based learning.


It was a very enriching workshop and we are also thankful to the school management for giving us this opportunity to learn more.