Cantt. Road, Khagaul Road, Danapur, Patna, Bihar-801503


  Welcome to Radiant International School, Patna

Why Radiant

Radiant International School believes in its radiance, it is the institution which believes in its motto to learn, to serve and to excel. RIS is an organization initiated by Late Mr. Ajit Singh to bring up, guide, inspire, motivate and nurture young minds towards adjustment in the future society as responsible citizens.

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. Radiant International School is such a shelter where fun, laughter and love evolves and blossoms as a sweet flower spreading its lovely aroma to all its students, who later on enhance and extrapolate this, through their radiance, to touch every part of the society. 

One should be a part of Radiant family, as the friendly yet disciplined environment plays the perfect role in shaping and promoting healthy, all round upbringing of a child where the child learns  value education, self–governance, leadership. This motivation helps the students to change the words as ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ into ‘I AM POSSIBLE'. The students here are trained to take life as challenge with risks on every step, a clear vision, a many sided sympathy, a fine daring and endless patience…
The co-curricular activities have always been given a prominent place in the school as a means towards the formation of character and personality development of the students and their training for leadership, to restore unity and resist division, to turn sacrifice into offering, change obstacles into opportunities and subordinate self while elevating services to all.

The School is well equipped with all the facilities for students, also provides excellent and learned teachers.

In addition to this, the infrastructure of the school promotes open, ventilated airy class rooms, encouraging the students to adjust themselves with pleasant environment of the classroom.

The school provides excellent training in each and every field. Apart from the gregarious academic session the school trains students vigorously in the field of sports.
The school has a big playground which has a Basket Ball ground and Tennis Court. Here the students are provided training of different sports and games of their choice.

Apart from this, dance, music, painting, art & craft etc are also imparted as a part of their vocational training. The school is surrounded by number of trees and greeneries which develops the sense of eco-friendliness and inculcates aesthetic value.

The school has a library with over 6000 books in over hundred categories those ranging from fairy tales for tiny tots to fiction and mystery for young growing minds. The excellent education system of the school is continuously working to understand their hidden potentials and showcase their capability in any field they desire.

This institution attempts to cater to the personality development of each student. The school has, no doubt, academically well equipped teachers. We believe in inculcating & imparting something more than value – a thirst towards Gods concern, for fellow human beings and a practical preparation for the better filed of life.