Cantt. Road, Khagaul Road, Danapur, Patna, Bihar-801503


 Due to COVID-19, a complete lockdown has been implemented in the State. As a measure of caution, School office will remain closed till 31st March 2020. We request all patrons and concerned to keep indoors and Stay safe.


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 Radiant International School, Patna, shall achieve its mission through the following:-

  • Education; Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.
  • Personality Development; Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Spiritual.
  • Leadership; Team Work and Fair Play.
  • Cultural Heritage; Appreciation and Awareness.
  • Values; A Sense of Integrity, Ethics and Uncompromising Honesty.
  • Secularism; Ethos and Practice.
  • Environment; Preservation and Sustenance.
  • Social Awareness; Community Development and Concern for Less Fortunate.
  • Citizenship/Constitutional Values; Human Rights and Democratic Values.
  • Spirit of Inquiry; Inquisitive Mind and Adventure.
  •  Internationalism; Global Perspective.