Cantt. Road, Khagaul Road, Danapur, Patna, Bihar-801503


For a better tomorrow, get the best of today. Admission Open for Class XI for Session 2022-23 for Science, Commerce and Humanities Stream. Application forms may be downloaded from the School Website.


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To develop comradeship and affinity between students, we allocate each child to be in the right place in a school house. Each student is assigned a house at the time of admission.   Students from Class III onwards are awarded houses for inculcating the spirit of competition and enthusiasm with the help of various CCA Activities, Sports and Games. This instills in them a spirit of togetherness and learning which in turn helps in shaping holistic individuals. There are four Houses and each one is headed by a House Master, House Captain and Vice House Captain, who in turn help in fostering a feeling of enriched learning.


It is named after the third great Mauryan emperor Ashoka the Great. The meaning of Ashoka is "without sorrow". He spread peace and harmony. With peace in his hear, he ruled over the Indian subcontinent.  He occupied the highest position not only in history of India but in the world history also though he was not the eldest among the sons of Bindusara, yet he became the ruler of Magadha after his father’s death. From the Buddhist tradition he was originally called “Chandashoka” or the fierce Ashoka owing to many evil deeds, but afterwards became “Dharmasoka” i.e. pious. Ashoka’ administration was highly praise worthy. After having so much of fights throughout his reign he went in the shelter of Lord Buddha in search of peace and harmony .Ashoka declared that he understood dharma to be the energetic practice of the sociomoral virtues of honesty, truthfulness, compassion, mercifulness, benevolence, non-violence, considerate behavior towards all, ‘ little sin and many good deeds.’ The Yellow colour is adopted for the flag of this house which stands for Harmony, peace and Friendship.


The reign of Chandragupta – II saw the high water mark of the Gupta Empire. He extended the limits of the empire by matrimonial alliance & conquest. After the death of Chandragupta’s son in law he got a great advantage with his great influence in his area. Chandragupta – II conquered West Malwa, Gujarat which had been under the rule of SakaKshatraps for about four centuries by that time Chandragupta – II adopted the title of Vikramaditya which had been the first used by an Ujjain ruler in 57 B.C. as a mark of Victory over the Shaka Kshatraps of Western India. He was well known for his justice. As this was the golden period in Indian history.This house has adopted the colour red for its flag which stands for courage, love and affection.


The Parthian were followed by the kushanas, who are also called Yeuchies or Tocharian. The kushanas were one of the five clans into which the yuchi tribe was divided. We come across two successive dynasty of Kushana. The first dynasty was founded by the house of chiefs who were called Kadphisesand ruled for 28 years from about A.D.50. It had two kings, the first was Kadphises. One who issued coins south of the Hindu Kush. The house of Kadhises was succeeded by that of Kanishka. Its kings extended the kushana power over upper India the lower Indus basin. The early kushana kings issued numerous gold coins with highergold content than is found in the Gupta coin. In Kanishka’s empire his dynasty viewed, flourished, developed and prosperous administration.Kanishka was tolerant towards all the religions. He issued many coins during his rule. His coins depict Hindu, Budhist, Greek, Persian and Sumerian. Eremiteimages of gods showing his secular religious policy.Kanishka house adopted the flag of Green colour is the representation of properly.


Siddhartha, later on come to be known as Lord Gautama Buddha was a Sakya Prince. Buddha’s teachings were very simple. They dealt with practical life and didn’t complain any philosophy and vogue dogmas. His teaching was based on four noble truth and eight fold path. The house believes on the philosophy of Buddha which dealt with the practical life. This house has adopted the flag of blue colour which is the signification of emergence & liveliness.