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For a better tomorrow, get the best of today. Admission Open for Class XI for Session 2022-23 for Science, Commerce and Humanities Stream. Application forms may be downloaded from the School Website.

Welcome To Radiant International School!

A diamond glitters not until it has been cut, shaped and polished. Not until then can its beauty be appreciated, or its sparkling daintiness be realized. Only under the superb craftsmanship and artistic talents of expert cutters and polishers do the latent qualities become apparent. School Knowledge, like a coat of paint can be applied, but some day will crack and peel. However, the education you receive will remain those habits of mind such as logical thinking, perseverance, optimism, prompt and devoted response to duty. Thus with the knowledge they have stored up and the he education they have day will crack and peel receive will remain those habits of mind such as logical .


Unleashing Brilliance and Empowering Minds through highest Educational standards and holistic Personality Development.



Radiant International School, Patna, shall achieve its mission through the following:- Education, Knowledge, Skill and Attitude.

Message From The Patron
Dear Parents, Students and Visitors!!!
Our founder Chairman, who put forth the values which form the edifice of our School, believed in simple living and high thinking. Blessed
with innate leadership traits, an everlasting thirst for knowledge and a keen aesthetic sense,

Mrs. Meena Singh
Message From The Chairman
Dear Parents, Students and Visitors!!!
Having made rapid strides in the very few years since the inception of the school, I can envision us rapidly moving
along the path of growth carefully charted out by us.

Message From The President
Dear Parents, Students and Visitors!!!
By establishing Radiant International School, it has consistently set exemplary example in front of Schools towards its
social responsibilities. The School envisages education as a powerful instrument for enlightenment and empowerment of our citizens.

Mrs. Shalini Singh
Tapindu Educational Society
Message From The Principal
Dear Parents, Students and Visitors!!!
At Radiant International School, Patna we reiterate our commitment for value based modern quality education and as such to provide a caring
environment and offer all our children a broad based and balanced curriculum with a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for
our students to maximize their individual talent and potential.

Mr.(Col.) Prem Prakash
Message From The Vice Principal
Dear Parents, Students and Visitors!!!
Education is not merely learning the books by rote and having a good academic result. It is also not acquirement of learning academics and
values which help us improve the different facets of mankind but it is far more. It ensures that we make the world far better place than we found
it. Being an academic head and having a student centered approach; I tend to go beyond text books and boundaries of the class rooms.

Mrs. Manisha Sinha
Vice Principal,Academics and Administration

Activities & Events

Radiant International School campus wore a festive look on 23rd November, 2019 as the school celebrated its annual function Kartavyam 24x7. The evening was reserved for a gala Presentation. The Annual Function was bound to be a befitting occasion for the spontaneous outburst of this high spiritedness in a wide range of creativity. The function was presided by the Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Rash Bihari Pd. Singh, Vice Chancellor, Patna University, a number of dignitaries along with Patron of the school Mrs. Meena Singh, Chairman Mr. Vishal Singh, Director Mrs Rita Singh along with the Principal Colonel Prem Prakash, SM (Retd), Headmistress Indrapuram Public School Girls, Mrs Deepa Sharan, and Vice Principal Ms. Manisha Sinha. The event was attended by 2000 people. All the students of Classes VIII to XI excluding classes X and XII participated in the mega show along with a number of prominent people.
Virtual Tour
Welcome to our School's Campus. The School is well equipped with all the facilities for students. Big play grounds, open, ventilated airy class rooms, library, labs and eco-friendly surroundings.
Faculty Enrichment Program
The Faculty Enrichment Program provides faculty members an opportunity to develop or update a course(s) with substantial content that will be offered as part of their regular teaching load.                         
International Edge
An International School Award by British council. Radiant International School successfully completed the activities pertaining to the International School Awards.                         
The Radiant School's alumni community comprises of former students & current & former staff. If you belong to any of these categories, you are one of our alumni.                         

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